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I began to work the metal during an industrial boilermaking training in 2006. My passion for this material quickly came. Then I continued to learn the job in the companies of my region in Southwest of France.

In 2012 I wanted to evolve in my know-how. So I did a new boilermaking training and at this time I really began to make the forming and to try my hand in the sculpture.

It was the birthday of a friend, I told him, choose what you want, I will do it to you! And his choice was a mohawk skull, the logo of a famous group of punk. He was very happy by the result and the returns of the Internet publication were very encouraging. This is when I took the decision to launch into this artistic adventure.

I sculpt mainly on two materials, the metal and the resin.

In Metal it is boilermaking Art, the work of the hammered metal leaf with manual manufacturings. The monumental sculptures are strengthened by an internal structure, so they are hollow.

In resin It can be directly sculptured on the resin, or be molded from a piece which I previously sculptured on metal or resin.

My works split in two categories.

There are those of Art. They come exclusively from me and are inspired by my passions, my tastes and my desires.

Then those say of Arts and Crafts, created to answer a customer order or still intended to be sold on a market, or other.

What I like in the personalized sculpture is to immerse myself into the tastes and the passions of my interlocutor, to imagine and create a custom-made work. And, once completed, to see the satisfaction and the enjoyment which brings to him.